Our Resort Facility

Why choose a boarding kennel ???

Health, Safety, & Comfort….We believe that a professionally designed facility with veterinary grade equipment, trained staff 24 hours a day, and proper sanitation practices is the safest, cleanest and the best way to reduce the chance of parasites, prevent illness, escape, or injury. We are dedicated to keep your pet safe, happy, and ensure they enjoy their vacation while you are away!

Our State-of the-Art Systems and Features of our Facility:

Most Importantly our air is clean and temperature controlled. We run four Commercial grade air filtration system with UV Sterilization of all HVAC Systems including fresh air changes to help in preventing the spread of kennel cough, airborne viruses, bacteria and mold.  Every area is cleaned with a high pressure hydro cleaning system with added sanitizers between guests. A few Other custom features of our enclosures feature bright natural light, sound dampening, secure latching and privacy. In-floor drains are used to prevent cross contamination from separate runs. In our grooming area we have a walk-in shower with non-slip flooring for stress-free bathing of large/special needs dogs. Web Cams located in each suite and allow owners to get a first hand check-in on their pet using their smart phone or internet. 


Health, Safety and Comfort:

Real green grass! and plenty of time outside for each pet to do their business. Epoxy finished, non skid flooring (no cold, exposed concrete) in all sleeping areas. Climate control heated and air conditioned, redundant exit doors preventing escapes and 8 Ft perimeter fencing, professional grade laundry to ensure fresh and sanitary bedding and towels, kitchen preparation of gourmet meals and special diets, isolation room for ill pets and access to veterinary care 24/7.

Take a Tour Our Facility Here and see what we have to offer. Or stop in for a tour during lobby hours!

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                      Our Staff: 

Creature Comforts Pet Resort, LLC is locally owned and operated by Emily Warren. Emily has over 10 years experience working as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Our entire staff makes a commitment to going above and beyond basic pet care and we feel our resort staff sets our resort apart as true pet care professionals. Pet health and safety is the first focus in our formal staff training program and is a key component in professional pet care. But we also believe pet body language and behavior are equally critical components of a formal training program for all staff, not just for dog trainers. Our key to success is low stress boarding. Happier pets are healthier, easier to care for, and result in happy clients who become very loyal to our resort. Our resort has gained the reputation as the choice for pet professionals seeking quality pet care for their own pets. This is a small step that our clients notice... confident staff, happy pets, clean accommodations and loyal clients.

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