Let our experienced groomers 

pamper your pet with one of our 

massage baths!

We provide grooming services by appointment or as part of stay with us.  Dogs and cats who board 7 consecutive nights or more receive a free bath and comb out. 

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Our bathing system gently massages your pet’s skin while it helps remove deep-down dirt and dander. Our groomers and bathers gently lift small pets into the bath. Larger dogs (or dogs with reduced mobility) enjoy the luxury of our walk-in shower. Designed specifically to meet their needs, it’s just another example of how Creature Comforts Pet Resort has thought of everything.


Your pet receives your choice of shampoo for rinsing of coat and cleansing of the skin. Next, your pet receives luxury conditioner to eliminate tangles, matting and static electricity. This conditioner helps repair damaged coats. Finally, we apply an ultra vitalizing mist, a leave-on instant conditioner that provides a protective moisture and protein treatment—adding shine to the coat. For problem skin and coats, we offer the appropriate shampoo and conditioning formulas.

Our bathers comb-out your pet’s coat both before and after the bath with the highest-quality stainless steel combs, with teeth length appropriate for your pet’s coat and condition. If necessary, we may suggest by hand de-matting and extra under coat removal. If your pet is severely matted, we may suggest shaving as a gentler, less time consuming, and less costly alternative.


Services we offer: 

Bathe and Comb-out

Complete Grooming

Undercoat removal

Nail trimming and grinding 

Teeth Brushing 

Ear cleaning 

Gland expressing 


Price List: 

Please call us for grooming estimate; grooming prices are based on the size, and coat condition of each pet. Estimates given over the phone are subject to change. 

1. Basic package for most short haired breeds $29

     (Single Coated Example; Min Pin, Pit Bull, Boxer, Dobermans, French Bulldog) 

2. Basic package for most med/long haired breeds $34

     (Labs, Golden, GSD, huskies may require undercoat removal at additional cost)

3. Basic package for most giant breeds $40

     (Examples; Great Dane, Malamute, Mastiff breeds. Double coated breeds require undercoat)

*Basic packages inculde a massage bath with your choice of shampoo and conditioner PLUS two additional items from the list below. Dogs with double coats or are excessive shedders may require an undercoat removal at an additional cost.


Pick 2 FREE add additional for $8

*Nails Trimmed

*Ears Cleaned

*Teeth Brushed

*Leave-in Conditioner & detangle spray

*Deep Conditioner Treatment

*Tear stain facial treatment 

4. Complete Grooming (Cut and Style) Starts at $48

Includes massage bath, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, PLUS professional hand scissoring and/or clip to breed or preferred style- by our professional Groomer:  Marisa.

*Prices are based on size, breed and coat condition 

*Call 549-1761 for an approximate cost quote

5. We Groom Cats! Lion Cut Start at $45


Great for long haired felines or summer time relief. Includes bath, nails trimmed & ears cleaned.

Additional items a-la cart

Anal Glands -$14

Nails Trimmed -$13

Nail Grinding- $18

Undercoat Removal - reduces shedding and necessary for double coated breeds.         price based on coat, breed & time $8-35 most breeds

Teeth Brushing -$35 -includes bottle of take home solution (a 18.99 value) and toothbrush

Teeth Scaling-$45removes plaque off tooth surface and includes bottle of take home solution (a 18.99 value) 

Sanitary Clip -$10

Paw Trim-$8

Front Nails Painted -$10  All Four Paws- $18

Flea Dip $10-25 (added to any package 1-5)


Other services such as:

Medicated baths, flea dips, and matted coat removal-please call for quote.  

Grooming Appointments are available 7 days a week and afternoons 549-1761.  







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