Doggie Daycare

Daycare is perfect for dogs who...

  • Have owners that work long days during the week. 

  • Love the company of other canine friends

  • Dogs that are boarding with us get daycare at Discounted Rates! 

  • Need or want socialization 

  • To build his/her self confidence

  • Has a tendency to be destructive with household items when his/her family is away

  • Dogs whose energy level requires a high degree of activity. 

DOGGIE DAY CARE RATES (Interactive Play Groups)   

•$9 per day/dog for boarding dogs 

•$21 per full day for non-boarding dogs 7am - 7pm  Or  $16 half day

•$12 Each additional dog from the SAME family, playing on the SAME day (non-boarding dogs)

•EZ PASS -Buy a “10 full-days” Package and Save $10!  


Half Day AM: Check in anytime after 7:00 am / check out by 12:00 pm

Half Day PM:  Check in after 1:30 pm / check out by 7pm. 


Monday - Friday   7AM - 7PM (lobby closed Noon until 1:30pm)

Sat    9AM-4PM 

Sun   Daycare is offered for boarders and available for non-boarders by apointment


Weekdays and Saturdays dogs can come and join the fun anytime. After we do our inital evaulationwith your dog, there is no apointment needed! Consider Doggie Daycare while your house is being remodeled, while you have house guests who aren’t comfortable with dogs, or when you just want your own “down time” to yourself.  You’ll be able to concentrate on your other activities and commitments, and your dog will come home satisfied, happy and “pleasantly pooped”! 

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Is day care right for my dog ?

Dogs who play nice with other dogs, are current on their vaccinations and enjoy the company of other dogs will have a great time in our Doggie Day Care!  Our Resort Staff supervise all play groups and engage our day care guests in a variety of activities.  Multiple indoor/outdoor areas for playgroups allow us to keep play groups safe and divide dogs of similar size and play style. Our 2,000 square foot indoor/outdoor daycare center, dog-friendly playground equipment, and seasonal wading pool will give your dog plenty of activities to choose from.

What Is the First Step to joining Doggie Daycare?

All guests who will join our doggie day care groups must first participate in a 20-minute pre-assessment interview.  Because the safety of each dog participating in our day care program is always our first concern, we will ask you a variety of questions about your pet’s activity level, exposure to other dogs, and interactive style with both unfamiliar people and other dogs. There is no charge for the assessment interview but we do require an appointment. Please call 549-1761 to enroll.

All Dogs MUST be in good health and current on Distemper, Rabies, & Bordatella*** 

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