Dog and Cat Boarding


Our Key Service Standards

  • •24-hour Staffing
  • •Inclusive Pricing
  • •Multi-Pet Affordability
  • •Tours – Anytime!
  • •Outdoor time for all dogs
  • •Stretch and play time for all cats
  • •Bedding and comfort items from home
  • •In-Suite enrichment activities
  • •client rewards
  • Free basic bath and brush out with any 7 day stay!!



There are some things that we just think should be included in the price of a hotel suite. While we do offer some services and amenities for an additional fee, we’ve chosen to provide the most important elements of comfort - 5 daily outdoor walks; comfortable beds with fluffy bedding; Room service mealtimes; and basic medication dispensing at no additional charge. 



Do you have more than one pet? Boarding a family of multiple pets can be very expensive! Take a close look at the rate options for two or more pets from the same household, boarding at the same time and sharing the same suite. Our per-pet incremental fees drop dramatically after the first family pet.  Multi-pet families have often been forced to turn to less desirable options for their pets when they go out of town, including relying on well-meaning but untrained family members or friends who may be less than reliable. Just because your heart is big and you have many pets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to give them the finest resort experience. We think you’ll be impressed with our affordable multi-pet rates.

Resort Tours
Anytime our lobby is open, you are free to come in for a tour! Of course, there are times when we tend to be busier with guest check-in and check-out (usually early in the morning, late in the afternoons, and Holidays), and there are times when our guest suites need a little extra “housekeeping” (usually shortly after room service meal delivery). During these times, we ask that you be patient with us while we tend to our current guests and their human family clients first, but we know you’ll understand.  When your pet is with us, he or she will always come first, too! We’re proud of our resort and our staff, and we welcome your visit at any time during business hours. Please note that we close weekdays 12:00-1:30 for lunch.

Outdoor time for all dogs

is eating grass bad for dogs

Dogs that are being boarded simply must, in our opinion, be given regular trips outside to smell the fresh air and “do their business”. Dogs who are never taken outside while boarding can become very uncomfortable “holding it”, since at home they are not permitted to eliminate indoors.  In the interest of your dog’s comfort and wellbeing, we make sure your dog is taken outside at least five times each day. Our outdoor areas are some of the largest open green space available and securely enclosed with 8ft high fencing.


Stretch and play time 

for all cats

We offer a variety of spacious accommodations for your cat, all which are sure to please. Cats are also highly intelligent and need mental stimulation during the day. We make certain that each cat (unless they absolutely hate the idea and would prefer to rest quietly in their suite) gets to spend time each day in our cat play atrium. Climbing trees, safe play toys and perches are there for exploring and will assure that your kitty has loads of fun during his or her resort stay!

Rates &Check In/Out

Our Resort works similar to a hotel. You are welcome to Check In/Out anytime during our lobby hours. However to ensure your pets room is ready for their stay, reservations are required for both Arrival and Depature times from the resort. Rates are per day, if check-out is before noon Monday-Saturday the daily rate is waived. Sunday the daily rate applies to all boardings. A Deposit is required to book a stay in a suite or during peak seasons. For more information on our polices please read our Pet Services Agreement.

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Boarding rates for Cats

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Boarding rates for Dogs

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Bedding and comfort items from home?
Yes, you may bring your pet’s own bedding or a favorite toy! Our pets always feel better if they have the “smells from home” with them, and so we are happy to honor such requests for our guests. The items must be washable and not pose an obvious choking hazard; please see one of our staff members for more details.


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